#11 Second option

In our own life and context, i think that these challenges mean that we can’t only receive informations or knowledge from classroom, but we should also go out and explore things by ourself in order to know things in depth. If i really need to go and find out the realities and needs of those who are most underserved in my own society then i think that i might be shock and sad at the same time because i might see a picture that i have never seen before. I think that this is important because even though we normally learn and receive informations from classroom, but if we investigate or explore something that we are curious rather from only listen to teacher then you will narrow your knowledge which will lead you to know more. The thing that might prohibit our action could be that we are afraid to face some new events or we might be lazy and don’t want to feel tired.




In my opinion, I think that in order to be a responsible tourist, we need to be responsible for our own actions when we travel in foreign country or even our own country. I think that the most dignified way to travel to a foreign place is to show some respect to every place that we visit such as saying things in a polite way. There are some types of travel that could be consider immoral or damaging. For example, when someone paint colour on the wall or throw some rubbish on the floor instead of put it in the bin. These questions do make me think of some personal experiences. I remembered when i travelled to Japan last year, i did help one old women to walk across the road which i think that it was a really good and responsible thing to do. I also remembered that i used to be an irresponsible tourist when i went to China because i threw some tissues onto toilet’s wall because i follow my friend and also because i think that it was fun and will not have any bad impact on anyone, but i was wrong .



Bangkok= Land of Smile

Bangkok is the capital and most popular city of the Kingdom of Thailand. Even though many people might only pay attention to the city that is popular or well-known such as Tokyo, Taipei and they might also overlook this city, but there’s a reason why Thailand is one of the city that tourists rank as their favourite city. Thailand is an open country that always listen to others people’s opinion no matter what nationality or country you will come from. In the centre of Thailand, that is where Bangkok located at. One of the reasons why Most travellers or foreigners come to  Bangkok might be that we have a lot of cheap things such as shoes, clothes or even food, but they might not be able to realise that the reason that they should come to bangkok is because Thai’s people are kind and always willing to help people that are in difficult situation if they can.That’s why many people say that the other name for Bangkok is the Land of Smile. Above the Land of Smile is the northern part of Thailand. It is a place where a lot of Thai tradition come from. People that stay in the northern part usually wear a traditional cloth and also interfere a lot with farming and agriculture. Even though most of them might not be a real Thai’s citizens, but they do love and treat this country like it is their first home. Another part is the southern part of Thailand. It is a wonderful place that we can find many oceans. They have a lot of traditional games and they also export a lot of goods such as rubber which make many poor people in that area have some jobs to do. Lastly, We can consider Thailand as a melting pot country because we will never discriminate any different nationality and we will always be kind to each other.

Indian short story

  • A cot – What is a cot and why did Indian people carry or use a cot instead of the others things? A cot is a collapsible camp bed. Most of the Indian people carry it because it is very light and easy to carry while travelling.
  • When they said ” Why would he sit in our cot”, what did he meant by this? He meant that the guy that will sit on the couch is in a higher class or respected guy.
  • Why did Indian use a lot of dung and they even use it to plaster floor or stick it on the door? It is extremely beneficial to the health of the inhabitants.


I chose to read the short story called “Deliverance”. Through out the story, There are many different classes such as rich or poor. The Dalits are all the lower level people that will always be under someone’s control. For example, When one of the Dalits work, that person didn’t receive any beverages or snacks. Most people will not pay attention or give any priority to the Dalits because they only view them as a servant. This issue is very complicated and difficult to address in India because people will not pay attention to this problem because they think that it is not a major problem and it didn’t effect their life. Even though it is an immoral thing, they still can’t fix or prevent these kind of issues.



Social issues #9

Throughout the story, there were many social issues. One of the issue that i learn the most is about the struggle in poverty.  Poverty is a major problems in Thailand and it is also one of the main cause that lead people to commit suicide. I think that the most pressing social issue is the family issue because even though they were able to gain some money for their family, but they won’t be happy because their family members were all gone and from this we can conclude that money is not the real happiness, but love from the family. As i read this book, my perspective in viewing these issues varies in many different ways.  Before i read this book, i thought that poverty is not a serious problem in our society, but after i read the book then i realise that it is a very serious problem even in today’s society. After i read this book, i also feel inspired and wanted to take some actions in order to solve some of these problems in our society such as provide some basic needs or education for whoever that were in these kind of situations. Lastly, i think that our society should change the way how they talked about these issues because it might be different and harder from what they thought.

Karma and suffering

If we talk about the topics of suffering or karma, the first thing that comes in my mind is the cycle of reincarnation. I was born in a Buddhist family that always taught me to be a good and helpful person for the society. My parents will always remind me not to commit any crimes or any bad things because that will be like a birthplace for karma which will lead us to suffering. In my opinion, i think that the reason why suffering exist is because we surely did something bad in the past and we might also depressed, sad or disappointed in something and that could cause a bad feeling which could also lead us to the feeling of suffer. I think that there are many ways we could use in order to cope with suffering. The first way is to put all of our effort in every task we need to complete and also don’t think about what will be results of our action and even though we might suffer, we will not focus on that, but on the tasks instead. I don’t think that we should pin our hopes or our blames on any  material or spiritual things because i truly believe that everything will be base on ourself and no one could help us except for ourself. Bad things didn’t happen to only with bad people, but it also happen to good people. The reason why bad things happen to both good and bad people is because of things that they did in the past which we can also called it Karma.

Eugene Black

Eugene was born in Czechoslovakia. He used to live a happy life with his Jewish family until German soldiers came and interfered with their country. Germans soldiers took their living space and occupied it as Hungary. The German soldiers put them into The ghetto. He was separated from his mom, dad and sister. Eugene was getting weaker and weaker everyday because of the poor condition such as lack of food, water or unclean space. At first, he thought that every person in his family except for his brother had died due to the lack of basic needs. He was one of a few people that were able to survive because of the arrival of British army. I Think that the memorable and powerful part in this story is when he was able to survive through all the difficult situations,For example, He needed to stay in the Ghetto which is a very poor condition place. Another event that made this story powerful and memorable is when he discovered that some of his family members were still alive.

War time by Josephine Miles


When  the  sun  doesn’t  rise  one  day

In  its  morning,  morning,

Schoolgoing  pauses  down,

Chime  chills,  the  blinds  are  green,

Learning  can  slumber  in  the  morning  dark.

But  there  set  out  the  slacks  for  the  eight  o’clocks

In  their  morning,  morning,

With  a  habit  move,  the  schedule  for  a  chime,

The  same  books  under  the  blinded  arm,

The  bleached  gabardines  within  the  dark.


Harper’s  and  many  magazines  contain

A  dead  soldier,  spilt  and  unshaven.

A  ponderous  corpse  of  shell  and  possible  pain

He  has  struck  that  printed  haven.

There  not  to  rest. He  dies  there  the  months  over

In  the  causes  of  debate.

Waiting  as  at  a  trench,  at  the  inside  cover,

The  burial  before  which  we  hesitate.


Poem Analysis

Basically, this poem is trying to create a big and wide picture for us, so we can clearly see and understand every single part of the poem and also be able to know more about the theme.  In the very beginning of the poem, The poet is trying to control the tone and mood. The tone of this poem is mostly interfere with darkness, sadness. The poet uses the word such as The Sun doesn’t rise in order to compare with the time when there is a war. The reason why the mood or tone of the poem is gloomy is because in the war time, there will be no light which means that there is no hope and every person life mostly will be miserable at that time. The poet also said that even the sound of the chime is still chill which can be conclude that people will look down on their life and can’t find a way to get rid of any problems. Throughout the poem, The poet tried to maintain the feeling of sadness and darkness by comparing things such as comparing The fall of the Sun to the rise of a war, School closing as a war begin. In my opinion, I think that the poet’s goal is to be able to explain and provide some pictures for us as a reader to know what is a war and how can a war effect us mentally and emotionally. Even in the ending, he still be able to provoke our feeling by using a strong word that will be able to convey many things to us readers such as the word burial which can be related to death.









Nationalism is the word we use to describe people that are loyal and proud of their own country or nationality. I think that Nationalism contains both positive and negative side. Nationalism can make people in the country love and support each others which will also improve the quality of the country, but on the other hand if we only pay attention to our country then we may have bad relationships with foreigns country which will eventually act as a blockade between others country. We surely need to love our country and support our country, but if we don’t pay any attention to others country or our surrounding then when we need some helps, no one will help us. In my opinion, i believe that nationalism is mostly good.The reason is that nationalists group will always support their country which mean that even though there might be some big issues occur in their country, they will not leave their country and they will also protect. Nationalism can become harmful sometimes.For example, they might not listen to any recommendations from foreigners even though it might improve their country because they believe that no one will love their own country more than they do and eventually they will do whatever they think it is the best thing to do for their country without any concerns about international relationships.

The war of ideas

In my perspective, i think that the idea that should be winning over the “war of ideas” is Democracy. I truly believe that if everyone puts all of their effort in whatever they do then they should receive an equality. No one should be more superior than others and no one should be force to do something if they didn’t want to do. People should have the right to vote because the government or organization shouldn’t control people’s choices. In my opinion, Fundamentalism is a very harsh and aggressive idea that shouldn’t be winning, but this idea still rule and control many people’s lives. People that live their life under this harsh system will always feel afraid when they want to share some ideas because they know that if Fundamentalists deny their ideas then they will run into some problems. Lastly, I think that democracy should be the idea that win over the ” wars of ideas” because people will feel comfortable and will be willing to help in many things more than when they are under stressful circumstances.